“Andy’s suits are exceptionally made. They are perfectly fitted and comfortable. I also appreciate the fact that he is willing to work with me at my convenience. The material, design, texture and fit are top of the line.”
Andrew M. Stephens, Attorney

“Andy goes to great lengths to accommodate my dynamic schedule. I need excellence in a timely manner with Andy always provides.”
Garrett K. GomezEclipse Award Winner for Outstanding Jockey

“A great designer with the utmost experience in the clothing industry. Outstanding services!”
Robby Alberado2007 Preakness Stakes winning jockey


” The style and workmanship of Andy’s suits are of impeccable quality. From hand stitching on the lapels to embroidered monograms, Andy sets the bar for custom made clothing. The best in town!”
Dan GlassPresident Courtesy Acura,Lexington,KYSWEEET!

“Andy is always willing to come to my office at my convenience and fit me for suits and custom made shirts. He is a pleasure to work with and the quality and workmanship is excellent.”
Stephen A. WildesAttorney

“I can’t recommend Andy enough. His level of service and masterful knowledge of clothing is what makes getting custom made suits from him such a great experience.”
Joel Rosario2013 Kentucky Derby Winner


“Andy Laungani is a kind and dependable professional who delivers exactly what he promises. In those instances where things don’t go as planned, he starts over and gets it right.”
R.Owens Williams
Transylvania University